Ron Artest to Los Angeles Lakers, Trevor Ariza to Houston Rockets, Rubio remains in Spain.

artestby Jack Maidment

If basketball player’s egos were fed solely off of column inches, certain people would surely be annoyed during this free agency.

The sheer number of deals that have already been wrapped up is pretty scary considering free agency is just, barely, 3 days old. Because of this, deals that would usually occupy everyone for weeks are diluted in importance by the moves that everyone else is making.

It is truly a busy time for the NBA with headlines coming from everywhere.

Ricky Rubio will not be suiting up in Minnesota, maybe ever. He has chosen to stay in Spain for 2 more years instead of trying to orchestrate a messy buyout and court case. Apparently playing for the Timberwolves isn’t super exciting.

This was always likely to be the case given the factors involved. Huge contract buyout? Check. Undesirable destination? Check. Dissappointed fans? Absolutely, league wide.

It remains to be seen what the Wolves do now, with the smart money on moving the rights to Rubio to another team while his stock his high in return for something useful in the immediate future. Here’s looking at you Donnie Walsh.

Elsewhere, the LA Lakers have reportedly signed Ron Artest to a 3 year, $18 million contract. In an ironic twist, Trevor Ariza will head to the Houston Rockets and Artest’s vacated starters position.

Ariza for Artest? LA gains a veteran defender and a personality. Houston gets a player they hope will become a star. Ariza is certainly a lot less risk but if the right Ron Artest shows up the Lakers will be an improved team. Perimeter of Kobe and Ron Ron. Smiles all round.

The best story right now concerns Rasheed Wallace who apparently welcomed most of the Boston Celtics into his house as Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Danny Ainge tried to persuade ’Sheed to sign up.

Playing it cool as you may expect, Wallace didn’t commit with visits to San Antonio and Orlando apparently on the cards this week.

Just for fun, imagine: Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Richard Jefferson, Tim Duncan, Rasheed Wallace.


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