The Boston Celtics best player? Rajon Rondo.

by Jack Maidment

Forget the 17 NBA Championships.

Forget the fact that the Boston Celtics play in a city which reveres their basketball team almost like no other.

Forget Bill Russell and his 11 rings.

Forget Larry Bird and the 1986 team that went 40-1 at home.

Forget Kevin McHale and his post game.

Forget about Dave Cowens, Robert Parish, Bob Cousy and every other Celtic legend to pull on the famous green and white of Boston.

Forget about the glimpse of Bill Walton’s greatness.

Forget about Antoine Walker and the days when the Celtic’s were in a lengthy funk.

Forget about the trades which brought Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to the city and the Championship that followed.

Forget Garnett’s knee. Forget Paul Pierce’s Finals MVP.

Forget the Big Three.

Remember Rajon Rondo.

In the space of two years the point guard out of Kentucky has transformed himself from weak link to the best player on a contender.

That is what he is. He is the team’s engine and he makes them tick.

29-18-13 in last night’s Game 4 Celtic victory testifies to that.

He played almost 10 minutes more than any other team mate and through sheer force of will and a quickness unmatched by 99% of the NBA he drove a creaking Boston team closer to a series win against LeBron James and his Championship favourites Cleveland Cavaliers.


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