When is a trade not a trade? NBA fans, prepare for a future of meddling

Chris Paul: Not going anywhere - yet.

Just when you thought you couldn’t lose more faith in the NBA after the greed-fest that was the lockout, the League vetoes a perfectly acceptable trade because, well, why exactly?

Shipping Chris Paul toLos Angelesmakes sense for the Lakers.

Receiving Luis Scola, Lamar Odom, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic and picks makes sense forNew Orleans.

Giving up Scola, Martin and Dragic makes sense for the Houston Rockets, gaining All-Star Pau Gasol in return.

And yet there will be no trade because of ‘basketball reasons’ according to the League office.

The decision to nix (love this word) the trade is equal parts shocking and unbelievable and acts as the ultimate proof that (forgive me) the Ministry is interfering at Hogwarts.

If you are a fan of a small market team you don’t want to see your best player leave. But if he wants to go and has made it abundantly clear he wants to go, why not get something of value in return while he is still under contract?

As it stands, if the Great NBA Trade Denial is allowed to stand, (I don’t think it will), Chris Paul plays one more season as a Hornet, answering questions about his future every day, disrupting the team, and ultimately New Orleans is left with absolutely nothing at the end of the year when he walks and signs elsewhere.

How is this preferable to what was a perfectly legitimate trade which would have given New Orleans three and a half starters?

Some people would have you believe this rejection is about protecting basketball inNew Orleans. No way. Having Chris Paul aboard hasn’t exactly helped sell the team so far, now has it?

Others would say this is the owners of smaller teams flipping the bird at the Lakers, sick and tired of losing star players toLos Angeles. All I will say to this, is good luck trying to get any premier free agents inClevelandnow.

Finally, most people would say this is Mr Stern stamping his authority on the latest CBA which was kinda supposed to put a stop to this sort of ‘I want to play in X, make it happen’ ransom-type situations.

Well stamped. Good one.

All it’s done is leave a bitter taste in the mouths of three teams, none of which were getting screwed, and alienated fans of basketball still further.

No one likes a meddler.

Could this off season get anymore depressing?


One Response to When is a trade not a trade? NBA fans, prepare for a future of meddling

  1. spdbrnr34 says:

    Amen!!! A huge haul for N.O. – kudos to Dell Demps…and then Stern with still no explanation kills it…as a fantasy hoops commish, I could never veto a trade and say nothing of my reasoning, and neither should Stern.

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